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dance classes for kids

Welcome to Brooklyn Dance Lessons for Kids, where children starting from age 3 can explore a variety of dance styles.
From Intro to Dance for the youngest movers to Hip-Hop, Modern, Ballet Basics, and both competitive and social Ballroom dancing starting at age 4, we offer something for every aspiring dancer. Join us to foster your child’s love for dance in a fun and supportive environment.
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17 Group classes
Open lesson in December
with performance for friends & family


June 1- Aug 1, 2024
Enrollment submitted before August 1st
Registration fee waived


1 class $750 $775
2 classes $1,425 5% OFF
3 classes $2,137 5% OFF

The enrollment is ongoing. Please contact us if you would like to add your child after the semester has started.


Ballroom dance classes for kids are a fantastic way to introduce them to the elegance and excitement of partner dancing. These classes teach the basics of dances like the waltz, cha-cha, and jive, helping children develop coordination, rhythm, and social skills. No partner is needed to start, making it accessible for all.

Learning ballroom dance also boosts confidence and teamwork, making it a fun and enriching activity for young dancers. Learn more about the benefits of ballroom dancing on our dedicated page.

modern and hip hop

Hip-hop and modern dance classes for kids are dynamic and energetic, blending contemporary moves with rhythmic music.

These styles encourage creativity, self-expression, and physical fitness, helping children develop coordination, flexibility, and confidence while enjoying the fun and lively beats of hip-hop and modern music.

intro to dance

Intro to Dance classes for kids aged 3-5 and 5-8 are designed to introduce young children to movement and various dance styles in a fun and engaging way.

The 3-5 age group will include games to keep the little ones entertained while developing their coordination, rhythm, and basic dance skills.

For the 5-8 age group, the classes will build on these fundamentals, fostering a love for dance and preparing them for more structured classes in the future

ballet basics

Beginner ballet classes for kids introduce the fundamentals of ballet in a fun and engaging way. This classical dance style helps children improve their posture, balance, and flexibility.

The class is great on its own or as an addition to ballroom classes, providing a strong foundation in technique and grace that enhances their overall dance skills

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